Tarila Gbesimi

Thankful is a song born from a very grateful heart…
Not just that God has been good but that He is good even when I’m very bad…
Thankful He overlooked my mistakes and gave me another chance…
Thankful He doesn’t need anyone’s permission to bless me…
I’VE GOT SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR,I know you have reasons to be too



Nara-ekele (Accept my thanks)
Nara-otuto (Accept [my] praise)
Onyenwe m (My Lord)
Okaka (Greatest)
Osimiri atata (The ocean  that never runs dry)
Odir’onye di ka gi (There is none like You)

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8 thoughts on “Thankful”

  1. Thanks so much Sista Tarila… the song have given me another way to sing and say a big thank you to my all sufficient God… loving it!

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